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With education budgets getting tighter and tighter, Leasing arrangements are proving more popular every year. Having the option to pay for the equipment as it is used rather than finding the capital upfront provides you with a much easier way to manage budgets, spreading the costs over two or three years.

With a Parental Contribution Scheme, classroom devices are leased by the school and monthly or quarterly rental payments are recovered by payments from the parents.

This can all be managed for you under one program and portal with Eden Scheme.

Benefits for Leasing in Education

Reduce upfront expenses – removing the need to pay for goods upfront will improve cash flow and provide you with the ability to have funds available for other essential requirements.

Simplified Budget Management – leasing equipment will provide a stable budget with payments being set over a period.

Device bundles – include additional cases, accessories, insurance, warranties & maintenance in your lease payments.

Keep up the pace with technology - Ensure your end users have access to the latest devices with regular refreshes. No need for outdated devices.

Flexible ownership options – whether you/the parents want to keep & own your devices at the end of the agreement or not, a suitable lease will provide the options you need.

Payment Collection Services

Don't let the thought of managing the monthly payments from your end users deter you from considering a scheme with Eden. Our portal provides the ability to set up direct debit payments for the duration of the agreements, ensuring there is minimal involvement required by you as the Employer. We offer 1, 12, 24 and 36 monthly payment options as standard. Monthly reporting is provided to you, and payments are paid out to you or directly to our finance partner.

If you are considering a Salary Sacrifice scheme, then the payments are deducted directly from the monthly salary of employees. In this instance, your Payroll / Finance Team will need to set this up for each employee. This tends to be a simple process, with the majority of Accountancy software packages having the ability to manage this as standard.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Whether your organisation chooses a Salary Sacrifice approach or offers finance on employees' behalf, you will be providing access to wide and varied range of items that can be spread over flexible monthly payments all from a single fully-branded web portal.

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